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Transform Business Efficiency

Leverage AI to automate tasks and boost productivity


GPTs are amazing.

For a business, you can easily offer productivty tools on a organizational scale, or just for specific employees; customized for your needs, and connected to some of your data, they can do just about anything.

But GPTs are not just for business - they can become invaluable to just about anyone doing regular tasks. I have also made dozens to enhance my own workflow.

Take a look at some of the 30+ GPTs I have released so far, or scroll down to learn more about capabilities. You can also chat with the GPT I made to support this site.

The application of these new custom GPT-4 AI-powered applications is nearly limitless!

Custom GPT / AI Development Estimates

AI Consult


  • 30 min strategy talk
  • follow up recommendations for AI integration

Standard GPT


  • GPT UX deisgn
  • GPT development
  • Tweaks in accordance with feedback

Advanced GPT


  • Standard features
  • + Addition of custom data analysis, advanced user experience, or external integrations

GPT-4 Assistant


  • Advanced features
  • + Development via Assistant API for integration into your website or app

GPTs can do some cool stuff

(It would be easier to tell you what they can't do)
Seamless Integration 🔗

Connect effortlessly with thousands of services like Google Drive, Slack, and Instagram.

Advanced Computer Vision 👁️

Expertly analyze image contents to extract detailed insights and information.

In-depth Data Analysis 📊

Perform sophisticated statistical analysis, data extraction, and classification.

Customizable Functions 🐍

Execute tailored Python code for specific, intricate tasks.

File Transformation 📄

Effortlessly convert and customize files in various formats.

Document Insights 🔍

Conduct comprehensive research, analysis, or engage in interactive conversations with documents.

Conversational Intelligence 💬

Engage in human-like reasoning and planning with advanced conversational capabilities.

Creative Copywriting ✍️

Generate, edit, and enhance text with a creative and professional touch.

Multilingual Support 🌍

Communicate and translate seamlessly across multiple languages.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks 🤖

Streamline workflows by automating routine and repetitive tasks.

Market Analysis 📈

Gain valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior.

Artistic Creation 🎨

Assist in generating unique art, music, and creative content.

Make them work for you

(The possibilities are limited mostly by imagination)
Automated Customer Support 🤖

Deploy AI chatbots to provide instant, 24/7 customer support, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Content Creation 📝

Generate engaging blog posts, articles, and social media content tailored to specific audiences and topics.

Market Trend Analysis 📊

Identify and analyze emerging market trends to inform strategic business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Personalized Learning Assistance 📚

Offer tailored educational content and tutoring for students or professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Workflow Automation 🔄

Streamline business processes by automating routine tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and report generation.

Language Translation and Localization 🌐

Translate content into multiple languages and adapt products for different cultural contexts to reach a global audience.

Sentiment Analysis 💭

Analyze customer feedback and social media conversations to gauge public sentiment and brand perception.

Creative Writing Assistance ✍️

Help in drafting and refining stories, scripts, and other creative writing projects with AI-powered suggestions.

Personal Assistant 🗂️

Manage schedules, set reminders, and handle day-to-day tasks, acting as a virtual personal assistant.

Anatomy of an AI Developer

Hey, I'm Alex, and I have been training to be an AI developer all my life, though admittedly, I just realized that this year...

I am a creative

I identify as an inventor, artist, designer, innovator & entreprenuer. I've spent all my life imagining, designing and building things.

I am a full-stack developer

This background not only allows for me to integrate code into AI applications, it has taught me invaluable skills about how computers "think."

I am an experience designer

Whether I am building web experiences, designing games, or creating escape rooms, I love to think about ways to craft more meaningful and natural experiences for the people interacting with my creations.

I am a wordsmith

GPT development is done, in part, using words instead of code. It requires both an understanding of the technical features of the AI, the capabilities of the underlying programming language, and excellent language skills to communicate complex coding concepts with words.