Hey, I'm Alex,

and I have been training to be an AI developer all my life, apparently.

A few facts about me:
I love plants

I have a 1/4 acre urban food forest and close to 200 houseplants

I invent games

I have designed and developed over 100 games in my life

I am an entrepreneur

I love trying to build new things and have been involved in early stages of multiple startups

I studied neuroscience

I graduated Cornell in 2001 and have lived in Ithaca ever since

I love to dance

I mean, duh, dancing is the best

I am a creative writer

Storytelling, comedy, children's books, poetry, spoken word

I am an artist

I am an abstract photographer and experimental AI artist

Here are a few reasons I can make you great GPTs

I am a creative

I identify as an inventor, artist, designer, innovator & entreprenuer. I've spent all my life imagining, designing and building things.

I am a full-stack developer

This background not only allows for me to integrate code into AI applications, it has taught me invaluable skills about how computers "think."

I am an experience designer

Whether I am building web experiences, designing games, or creating escape rooms, I love to think about ways to craft more meaningful and natural experiences for the people interacting with my creations.

I am a wordsmith

GPT development is done, in part, using words instead of code. It requires both an understanding of the technical features of the AI, the capabilities of the underlying programming language, and excellent language skills to communicate complex coding concepts with words.

I am a problem solver

When faced with a problem, my mind naturally - and sometimes obsessively - will explore different solutions until I find a suitable resolution. I love to find elegant solutions to complex situations.